Department Index By Code
An index of all state agencies included in the Budget arranged by their four-digit business unit code. This index can be used to quickly access information for a specific department for users familiar with state business unit codes.


0000-0999 1000-1999 2000-2999 3000-3999 4000-4999
5000-5999 6000-6999 7000-7999 8000-8999 9000-9999

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0110 Senate
0120 Assembly
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8120 Peace Officer Standards and Training, Commission on
8140 State Public Defender
8260 Arts Council, California
8270 Historic State Capitol Commission
8385 Citizens Compensation Commission, California
8420 State Compensation Insurance Fund
8570 Food and Agriculture, Department of
8620 Fair Political Practices Commission
8640 Political Reform Act of 1974
8660 Public Utilities Commission
8780 Milton Marks "Little Hoover" Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy
8790 Commission on Disability Access, California
8820 Status of Women and Girls, Commission on the
8830 California Law Revision Commission
8855 California State Auditor's Office
8860 Finance, Department of
8880 Financial Information System for California
8885 State Mandates, Commission on
8940 Military Department
8955 Veterans Affairs, Department of
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9100 Tax Relief
9210 Local Government Financing
9285 Trial Court Security - Court Construction
9286 Trial Court Security - Judgeships
9300 Payment to Counties for Costs of Homicide Trials
9350 Shared Revenues
9600 Debt Service General Obligation Bonds and Commercial Paper
9610 Lease-Revenue Notes and Bonds
9612 Enhanced Tobacco Settlement Asset-Backed Bonds
9620 Cash Management and Budgetary Loans
9625 Interest Payments to the Federal Government
9650 Health and Dental Benefits for Annuitants
9651 Prefunding Health and Dental Benefits for Annuitants
9658 Budget Stabilization Account
9670 Equity Claims of California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board and Settlements and Judgments by Department of Justice
9800 Augmentation for Employee Compensation
9818 Federal Levy of State Funds
9840 Augmentation for Contingencies or Emergencies
9860 Capital Outlay Planning and Studies Funding
9885 Reserve for Liquidation of Encumbrances
9900 Statewide General Administrative Expenditures (Pro Rata)