Printed Budget

Hard copies of the 2016-17 Governor's Budget publications can be obtained in the following ways:
  • The Department of General Services, Office of State Publishing, has been contracted to print/produce the 2016-17 Governor's Budget Summary, Governor's Budget for the Department of Finance. To purchase hard copies of these publications, please contact:

    Department of General Services
    Legislative Bill Room Annex
    Contact: Dave Dickey
    344 N. 7th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95811
    (916) 324-0221

  • PDF documents of the 2016-17 Governor's Budget Summary and Governor's Budget are also available on this website from the Printable Budget Documents sections available on each web page.
If you have questions regarding purchasing and/or the associated costs relating to these documents, please contact the Department of General Services directly. If you have any questions or problems with printing from the Department of Finance eBudget website, please contact the Finance Webmaster site at