7501 Department of Human Resources
Program Descriptions


The Human Resource Management Division's main objectives are to:

  • Provide human resource services, including the development of policy relative to classification and compensation standards and consulting with departments and agencies on position allocation, effective personnel management practices, workforce planning, and statewide training.

  • Administer the Dymally-Alatorre Bilingual Services Act, develop and administer tests, administer the on-line examination and certification system, provide statewide equal employment opportunity policy and guidance, provide medical and psychological screening services, and maintain a listing of certified administrative hearing and medical examination interpreters for use in California hearings and proceedings.

  • Represent the Governor as the "employer" in contract negotiations with the state's 21 bargaining units and set pay and benefits for employees excluded from the collective bargaining process, including: supervisors, managers, executives, and confidential employees.

  • Represent the Governor, state agencies, and departments in all matters pertaining to labor relations, personnel and discipline, wage and hour claims, and employment law.


The Local Government Services Division provides direction and assistance to local, grant-aided agencies to ensure that their personnel programs are operated efficiently and continue to qualify for federal funds.


The Benefits Division designs, acquires, and administers a comprehensive employee benefit package designed to assist the state in attracting and retaining a qualified and diverse workforce. Benefits include health, dental, vision, employee assistance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, and legal services. The Benefits Division also manages the master service agreement with the State Compensation Insurance Fund to provide for the state's workers' compensation program. The Savings Plus Program administers a tax-deferred savings program for all state employees to supplement retirement through various programs.


The Administrative Services Division provides internal support and service to the Department's line programs and SPB, including: fiscal, human resources, contract, procurement, legislation, communication, information technology, and telecommunication services.