Statewide Financial Information
Provides various statewide displays of financial information included in the Budget that may be the most useful to the public, private sector, or other levels of government. Each statewide display includes a description of the information included.

SCHEDULE 1 - General Budget Summary Back to Top
Total statewide revenues and expenditures for the General Fund and special funds, and expenditure totals for selected bond funds.
Schedule 1 (pdf * - 17K)

SCHEDULE 4 - Positions and Salary Cost Estimates Back to Top
Position data and corresponding dollar amounts.

Schedule 4 (pdf * - 20K)

SCHEDULE 6 - Summary of State Population, Employees, and Expenditures Back to Top
Historical data of state population, employees, personal income, revenues, and expenditures.
Schedule 6 (pdf * - 84K)

SCHEDULE 8 - Comparative Statement of Revenues Back to Top
Detail of General Fund and special fund revenues by source for the past, current, and budget years within the following categories: (1) major taxes and licenses, (2) minor revenues, and (3) transfers and loans.
Schedule 8 (pdf * - 203K)

SCHEDULE 9 - Comparative Statement of Expenditures Back to Top
Detail of General Fund, special fund, selected bond fund, and federal fund expenditures included in the Governor's Budget by the following categories: (1) State Operations, (2) Local Assistance, (3) Capital Outlay, and (4) Unclassified.
Schedule 9 (pdf * - 348K)

SCHEDULE 10 - Summary of Fund Condition Statements Back to Top
A listing in alphabetical order of the beginning reserve, revenues, expenditures, and ending reserve for the General Fund and each special fund for the past, current, and budget years.
Schedule 10 (pdf * - 228K)