Proposed Budget Summary

The Proposed Budget Summary includes the Governor's goals and objectives for the forthcoming year and highlights significant issues, policies, and initiatives of the Administration reflected in the Governor's Budget. The Budget Summary provides Statewide Financial Information, which contains fiscal information. Budget Summary information is also provided for each of the chapters.

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Budget Summary - All Chapters (pdf * - 1024K)


State Seal   Governor's Message (pdf * - 154K) Finance Logo   Director's Letter (pdf * - 92K) Shaking Hands   Introduction (pdf * - 201K)
Pie Chart   Summary Charts (pdf * - 181K) Picture of State on World Globe   Summary of Significant Changes by Major Program Areas (pdf * - 386K) Dollar Sign and Arrow   Economic Outlook (pdf * - 132K)
Calculator   Revenue Estimates (pdf * - 340K)            

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