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6350 School Facilities Aid Program

The School Facilities Aid program provides financing for school construction, modernization, relocatable classrooms, deferred maintenance, and other K-12 school facility-related activities.

With the passage of the Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998, Chapter 407, Statutes of 1998 (SB 50), the School Facilities Program (SFP) was established to streamline the state's school construction funding process. More.....

  • With the passage of the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2006, the Governor's Budget projects local assistance expenditures of $985 million in 2006-07 and $2.142 billion in 2007-08 from the new 2006 State School Facilities Fund. These funds will be allocated to school districts for the construction and modernization of classrooms, including career technical education and charter school facilities, for the replacement of portable classrooms with permanent new classrooms to relieve overcrowded school sites, and for joint-use partnership construction projects. In addition, funding is provided for high performance schools for design and materials costs that promote energy and water efficiency, maximize the use of natural lighting, enhance indoor air quality, and improve acoustics to enhance the K-12 learning environment.

    The Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2006, designed to meet K-12 school facility needs through 2008-09, is estimated to provide approximately 9,800 new classrooms housing almost 255,000 students and approximately 38,400 renovated classrooms to serve 989,000 students through the following components:

    • New Construction ($1.9 billion)

    • Modernization ($3.3 billion)

    • Charter Schools ($500 million)

    • Career Technical Education ($500 million)

    • Overcrowding Relief ($1 billion)

    • High Performance Schools ($100 million)

    • Joint-Use ($29 million)

    • Of the amounts for new construction and modernization above, up to $200 million is available for small learning communities. Of the amount for new construction above, up to $199.5 million is available for seismic safety retrofit.

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The following table presents total proposed budget year positions and expenditures for each budgeted program area. These expenditures include all funding sources that support the state agency's programs.
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School Facilities Aid Program
Totals, Positions and Expenditures (excluding Infrastructure)
Infrastructure Expenditures
Totals, Positions and All Expenditures

Refer to the 3-Yr Expenditures & Positions for expenditures, positions, and funding detail.

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