Proposed Budget Summary

The Proposed Budget Summary includes the Governor's goals and objectives for the forthcoming year and highlights significant issues, policies, and initiatives of the Administration reflected in the Governor's Budget. The Budget Summary provides Summary Charts, Economic Outlook, Revenue Estimates and Demographic Information. Budget Summary information is provided for each of the Major Program Areas. In addition, Statewide Financial Information provides fiscal information.

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When Governor Schwarzenegger took office in November of 2003, the state faced a structural budget crisis of unprecedented proportions. A review of state finances projected that California was on a path to spend $16.5 billion more than the General Fund revenue it would take in this year. In contrast, the Governor's Budget for 2007-08 proposes to limit General Fund spending to the amount of revenue the state will collect, with the exception that it proposes to use $840 million of funds available from previous years to pre-pay debt. By eliminating the state's net operating deficit, by setting aside a total reserve of $2.1 billion and by eschewing tax increases and new budgetary borrowing, this budget puts California on the path to full fiscal recovery.

Overview of General Fund Revenues and Expenditures
The Governor's Budget projects General Fund revenues will increase by 7.2 percent in 2007-08 compared to the revised 2006-07 revenue estimate, and General Fund expenditures to increase by only 1.0 percent compared to the revised 2006-07 expenditure estimate.

Budget Summary Improvements
As part of the Administration's effort to improve the understanding and comparability of budget expenditure data, the 2007-08 Governor's Budget Summary will now follow a more traditional agency format. In the past, some content in the Governor's Budget Summary was arranged by major program areas rather than by agency. Budget expenditure data will be displayed in both a summary format and a new agency change table format. The change tables are intended to provide the reader a snapshot of proposed expenditure and position adjustments in each agency, why those changes are being proposed, and their dollar and position impact.

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