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2640 State Transit Assistance

State Transit Assistance provides funding to the State Controller for allocation to regional transportation planning agencies for mass transportation programs.

  • Proposition 1B Funds - In November 2006, voters passed Proposition 1B, which provided $19.9 billion in bond funds for transportation infrastructure in California. Of this amount, $3.6 billion is for commuter or urban rail operators, bus operators, waterborne transit operators, and other transit operators in California for rehabilitation, safety or modernization improvements, capital service enhancements or expansions, new capital projects, bus rapid transit improvements, or for rolling stock procurement, rehabilitation, or replacement. The Governor's Budget includes $1.3 billion in bond funds to be distributed over the next three years to local transit agencies, including $600 million in 2007-08. Budget trailer legislation provides that each agency's share of funds, as determined by the bond act formula, will be disbursed as qualified projects are approved by the California Transportation Commission.

  • Allocation of "Spillover" Funds - Existing law provides that in many years, sales tax revenues on gasoline that exceed the amount that one-quarter cent of sales tax on other purchases produces are deemed "spillover" revenues and are deposited in the Public Transportation Account. Current law also provides that one-half of those revenues are distributed to transit agencies for operations. These laws have often been changed for periods of time to allocate these revenues differently. The Governor's Budget proposes to continue the flow of these revenues into the PTA for 2007-08, except for $340 million needed to offset transportation bond debt service. Additionally, the Budget proposes to permanently discontinue allocating spillover revenue to the State Transit Assistance program. This and other actions proposed in the budget frees up sufficient funding capacity to fund Home-to-School Transportation and Regional Center Transportation.

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The following table presents total proposed budget year positions and expenditures for each budgeted program area. These expenditures include all funding sources that support the state agency's programs.
Code Program
State Transportation Assistance
Totals, Positions and Expenditures (excluding Infrastructure)
Infrastructure Expenditures
Totals, Positions and All Expenditures

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Entire State Transit Assistance Budget (pdf * - 9K) in pdf format.
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Legal Citations and Authority
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