Legislative, Judicial, and Executive
0850 State Lottery Commission

The California Constitution authorizes the establishment of a statewide lottery. An initiative statute, the California State Lottery Act of 1984 (Act), created the California State Lottery Commission and gave it broad powers to oversee the operations of a statewide lottery. The primary purpose of the Act is to provide supplemental monies to benefit public education without the imposition of additional or increased taxes. The Lottery is administered by a five-person Commission appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. More.....

The following identifies budget documents for this state agency that are available in a printable (pdf) format.

Entire State Lottery Commission Budget (pdf * - 11K) in pdf format.
This document provides a printable format (pdf) of all budget information for this state agency. Note: Along with other information, this document includes the documents listed below.

Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments ONLY (pdf * - 2K)
This document provides a printable format (pdf) of only the detail of appropriations and adjustments for this state agency.

Legal Citations and Authority
Includes the legal citations (state statutes, federal statutes, and court orders) for operation of department programs and activities.

Statement of Operations (pdf * - 3K)
This table provides Lottery sales, game costs, and operating expenses, including salaries and benefits, advertising, promotions, and other expenses of the Lottery.

Distribution of State Lottery Education Fund Revenues (pdf * - 3K)
This table provides distribution of State Lottery Eduction Fund revenues to various state departments for public education.