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Proposed Budget Summary Back to Top
Provides an overview of the proposed Budget by program area. It includes the Governor's goals and highlights significant issues, policies, and initiatives of the Administration reflected in the Governor's Budget.

Statewide Financial Information - Provides various statewide displays of financial information included in the Budget that may be the most useful to the public, private sector, or other levels of government. Each statewide display includes a description of the information included.
Proposed Budget Detail Back to Top
Provides a list of the State Agencies included in the proposed budget. By selecting a State Agency, you will be able to access detailed budget information for each Department included in the selected Agency. Information that may be accessed for a Department includes: Program Descriptions, 3-Yr Expenditures & Positions, Infrastructure Overview, Legal Citations and Authority, and miscellaneous detailed financial statements and charts. Note: information may not be applicable for all departments.

Budget References Back to Top
Provides a listing of available reference material that may assist you in further understanding the budget information and process.

eBudget Search Back to Top
eBudget Search provides a basic and an advanced search interface. Basic Search lets you search for simple words and terms, while Advanced Search offers criteria for narrowing or customizing your search.

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Provides quick access to external web sites and useful web site information. This includes: