5196 State-Local Realignment, 2011
Mission Statement

Building upon the 1991-92 realignment, 2011 Realignment moves program and fiscal responsibility to counties, providing a dedicated source of funding while eliminating duplication of effort, generating savings, and increasing flexibility.

Realigned programs include local public safety programs, mental health, substance abuse, foster care, child welfare services, and adult protective services. Many of these programs are already administered at the local level by counties. Therefore, it is appropriate for the programmatic and fiscal responsibility to reside with the counties with the state maintaining an oversight and technical assistance role where needed. These changes are made with the goal of providing services more efficiently and at less cost.

The funding sources for realignment are:

  • The dedication of 1.0625 cents of a state special fund sales tax.
  • The dedication of a portion of vehicle license fee revenues.

Counties receive 2011 Realignment funding from the following accounts and their related growth accounts:

  • Protective Services Subaccount (Foster Care, Child Welfare Services, and Adult Protective Services)
  • Behavioral Health Subaccount (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment; Mental Health Managed Care; Substance Abuse Treatment; and Women and Children's Residential Treatment)
  • Mental Health Account (Community Mental Health Programs)
  • Trial Court Security Subaccount
  • Enhancing Law Enforcement Activities Subaccount (Local Jurisdiction for Lower-level Offenders and Parole Violators and Adult Parole)
  • Community Corrections Subaccount
  • District Attorney and Public Defender Subaccount
  • Juvenile Justice Subaccount (consisting of the Youthful Offender Block Grant Special Account and Juvenile Reentry Grant Special Account)

The funding reflected below and in the associated special display titled "2011 Realignment Estimate" is an estimate based on statutory formulas and the most recent Department of Finance revenue figures.

Note the $4.5 billion in 2014-15 and $4.7 billion in 2015-16 shown below reflect the Health and Human Services public safety programs. This display does not reflect the funding for the non-Health and Human Services public safety programs. For the full list of funding in 2011 Realignment, refer to the special display titled "2011 Realignment Estimate."