3830 San Joaquin River Conservancy
Mission Statement

The mission of the San Joaquin River Conservancy is to acquire, preserve, manage, and promote access to lands within the flood plain on both sides of the San Joaquin River from Friant Dam to Highway 99.

Specific activities are to:

  • Implement the San Joaquin River Parkway Master Plan, a 22-mile regional greenspace and wildlife corridor along both sides of the river extending from Friant Dam to Highway 99, with an interconnected trail system and recreational and educational features.
  • Acquire approximately 5,900 acres from willing sellers.
  • Operate and manage lands for public enjoyment consistent with the protection of natural resources.
  • Protect, enhance, and restore riparian and riverine habitat and ecological diversity.
  • Facilitate the development of the parkway, garner public support, and secure its future.

Since department programs drive the need for infrastructure investment, each department has a related capital outlay program to support this need. For the specifics on the San Joaquin River Conservancy's Capital Outlay Program, see "Infrastructure Overview."