0855 Gambling Control Commission
Mission Statement

The California Gambling Control Commission (Commission) has jurisdiction over gambling establishments (cardrooms), third-party providers of proposition player services, Tribal casinos, and charitable organizations that offer remote caller bingo, pursuant to its authority under state law and Tribal-State Gaming Compacts (Compacts). The Commission also has jurisdiction over gaming policies, regulations, criteria, and standards.

There are 89 licensed cardrooms in California over which the Commission has regulatory authority. This authority extends to the operation, concentration, and supervision of the cardrooms and all persons and things related to each licensed establishment.

The Commission has fiduciary, regulatory, and administrative responsibilities related to Tribal gaming that include: (1) distribution of Tribal gaming revenues to various state funds and to authorized federally-recognized non-Compact Tribes, and (2) monitoring of Tribal gaming through initial and periodic background checks of key employees, vendors, and financial sources.

The Commission has regulatory responsibilities related to remote caller bingo.