0690 Office of Emergency Services
Infrastructure Overview

The OES infrastructure includes a headquarters facility, an administrative building, and an Inland Regional Operations Center in Sacramento County; a Coastal Regional Operations Center in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County; a Southern Regional Operations Center located at Los Alamitos Air Field in Orange County; the California Specialized Training Institute at Camp San Luis Obispo; and various small field offices throughout the state.

PSC is comprised of a main leased complex in Sacramento and 45 field locations throughout the state. These locations include 8 area offices and 37 area shops, positioned geographically to facilitate maintenance and installation services to remote communication sites and customers throughout the state. In addition, the PSC owns 10 communications vaults/towers and maintains and operates a total of more than 3,500 radio frequency points of presence.

The following table presents total enacted fiscal year expenditures for capital outlay projects.
Expenditures Enacted
Total Expenditures (All Projects)