Enacted Budget Summary

The Enacted Budget Summary reflects the state spending plan passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, and includes the veto message.

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To access the entire Enacted Budget Summary document (including veto messages) in a printable format (pdf), click here:
Enacted Budget Summary - All Chapters (pdf * - 523K)


Shaking Hands   Introduction (pdf * - 241K) Pie Chart   Summary Charts (pdf * - 114K) Calculator   Revenue Estimates (pdf * - 43K)
School House   K thru 12 Education (pdf * - 67K) Graduation Cap   Higher Education (pdf * - 68K) Medical Symbol   Health and Human Services (pdf * - 67K)
Prison Building   Corrections and Rehabilitation (pdf * - 67K) Scales of Justice   Judiciary (pdf * - 40K) Plants and Birds   Natural Resources (pdf * - 46K)
State of California with Energy Symbols   Environmental Protection (pdf * - 46K) Road and Building   Business, Transportation, and Housing (pdf * - 45K) Family with State Capitol   Various Departments and Issues (pdf * - 69K)

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