Department Index By Name

An alphabetical index of state agencies included in the Budget. This index can be used to quickly access information for a specific department.



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8910 Administrative Law, Office of
4170 Aging, Department of
7300 Agricultural Labor Relations Board
3900 Air Resources Board
4200 Alcohol and Drug Programs, Department of
2120 Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board
2100 Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of
9955 Alternate Retirement Program
0971 Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, California
8260 Arts Council, California
9840 Augmentation for Contingencies or Emergencies
9800 Augmentation for Employee Compensation
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3835 Baldwin Hills Conservancy
0860 Board of Equalization, State
3680 Boating and Waterways, Department of
9658 Budget Stabilization Account
0520 Business, Transportation and Housing, Secretary for
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0530 California Health and Human Services Agency, Secretary for
2720 California Highway Patrol, Department of the
8550 California Horse Racing Board
6445 California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
8830 California Law Revision Commission
6610 California State University
0502 California Technology Agency
7120 California Workforce Investment Board
9860 Capital Outlay Planning and Studies Funding
6330 Career Resource Network, California
9620 Cash Management and Budgetary Loans
5175 Child Support Services, Department of
4250 Children and Families Commission, California
8500 Chiropractic Examiners, Board of
0911 Citizens Redistricting Initiative
8385 Citizens' Compensation Commission, California
3850 Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy
3720 Coastal Commission, California
3460 Colorado River Board of California
4180 Commission on Aging
8790 Commission on Disability Access, California
0280 Commission on Judicial Performance
6360 Commission on Teacher Credentialing
4700 Community Services and Development, Department of
3340 Conservation Corps, California
3480 Conservation, Department of
1111 Consumer Affairs Bureaus, Programs, Divisions, Department of
1110 Consumer Affairs Regulatory Boards, Department of
2180 Corporations, Department of
5225 Corrections and Rehabilitation, Department of
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0956 Debt and Investment Advisory Commission, California
0959 Debt Limit Allocation Committee, California
9600 Debt Service General Obligation Bonds and Commercial Paper
3840 Delta Protection Commission
3885 Delta Stewardship Council
4300 Developmental Services, Department of
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6125 Education Audit Appeals Panel
6110 Education, Department of
0558 Education, Office of the Secretary of
0989 Educational Facilities Authority, California
0690 Emergency Management Agency, California
4120 Emergency Medical Services Authority
7100 Employment Development Department
3360 Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
9612 Enhanced Tobacco Settlement Asset-Backed Bonds
3980 Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office of
3210 Environmental Protection Program
0555 Environmental Protection, Secretary for
9670 Equity Claims of California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board and Settlements and Judgments by Department of Justice
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1705 Fair Employment and Housing Commission
1700 Fair Employment and Housing, Department of
8620 Fair Political Practices Commission
9818 Federal Levy of State Funds
8860 Finance, Department of
8880 Financial Infomation System for California
2150 Financial Institutions, Department of
3600 Fish and Game, Department of
8570 Food and Agriculture, Department of
3540 Forestry and Fire Protection, Department of
1730 Franchise Tax Board
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0855 Gambling Control Commission, California
1760 General Services, Department of
0730 Governor Elect and Outgoing Governor
0500 Governor's Office
6870 Governors of the California Community Colleges, Board of
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6600 Hastings College of the Law
9650 Health and Dental Benefits for Annuitants
4260 Health Care Services, Department of
0977 Health Facilities Financing Authority, California
9909 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance
2665 High-Speed Rail Authority
2240 Housing and Community Development, Department of
2260 Housing Finance Agency, California
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0965 Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission, California
7350 Industrial Relations, Department of
0552 Inspector General, Office of the
0845 Insurance, Department of
3910 Integrated Waste Management Board, California
9625 Interest Payments to the Federal Government
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0390 Judges' Retirement System, Contributions to the
0250 Judicial Branch
0820 Justice, Department of
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0559 Labor and Workforce Development Agency, Secretary for
9610 Lease-Revenue Notes and Bonds
0160 Legislative Counsel Bureau
0150 Legislators' Retirement System, Contributions to the
0100 Legislature
0750 Lieutenant Governor, Office of the
9210 Local Government Financing
0850 Lottery Commission, California State
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2400 Managed Health Care, Department of
4280 Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board
4270 Medical Assistance Commission, California
4560 Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission
4440 Mental Health, Department of
8940 Military Department
8780 Milton Marks "Little Hoover" Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy
2740 Motor Vehicles, Department of
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3780 Native American Heritage Commission
0540 Natural Resources Agency, Secretary of the
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3790 Parks and Recreation, Department of
9300 Payment to Counties for Costs of Homicide Trials
8120 Peace Officer Standards and Training, Commission on
8380 Personnel Administration, Department of
3930 Pesticide Regulation, Department of
2670 Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun, Board of
0650 Planning and Research, Office of
8640 Political Reform Act of 1974
0974 Pollution Control Financing Authority, California
6420 Postsecondary Education Commission, California
9651 Prefunding Health and Dental Benefits for Annuitants
1900 Public Employees' Retirement System
8320 Public Employment Relations Board
4265 Public Health, Department of
8660 Public Utilities Commission
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2310 Real Estate Appraisers, Office of
2320 Real Estate, Department of
9801 Reduction for Employee Compensation
5160 Rehabilitation, Department of
3370 Renewable Resources Investment Program
9885 Reserve for Liquidation of Encumbrances
3500 Resources Recycling and Recovery, Department of
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3875 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy
3845 San Diego River Conservancy
3820 San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
3825 San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles River and Mountains Conservancy
3830 San Joaquin River Conservancy
3810 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
0954 Scholarshare Investment Board
6350 School Facilities Aid Program
0985 School Finance Authority, California
1100 Science Center, California
0890 Secretary of State
1690 Seismic Safety Commission, Alfred E. Alquist
4185 Senior Legislature, California
9350 Shared Revenues
3855 Sierra Nevada Conservancy
5180 Social Services, Department of
3110 Special Resources Programs
0510 State and Consumer Services, Secretary for
8855 State Audits, Bureau of
3760 State Coastal Conservancy
8420 State Compensation Insurance Fund
0840 State Controller
4100 State Council on Developmental Disabilities
5170 State Independent Living Council
3560 State Lands Commission
6120 State Library, California
8885 State Mandates, Commission on
1880 State Personnel Board
8140 State Public Defender
1920 State Teachers' Retirement System
6300 State Teachers' Retirement System, State Contributions to the
0950 State Treasurer
3940 State Water Resources Control Board
5195 State-Local Realignment
5196 State-Local Realignment, 2011
9900 Statewide General Administrative Expenditures (Pro Rata)
4140 Statewide Health Planning and Development, Office of
8820 Status of Women, Commission on the
7980 Student Aid Commission, California
6255 Summer School for the Arts, California State
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3125 Tahoe Conservancy, California
0968 Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California
9100 Tax Relief
3960 Toxic Substances Control, Department of
2700 Traffic Safety, Office of
2640 Transit Assistance, State
2600 Transportation Commission, California
0964 Transportation Financing Authority, California
2660 Transportation, Department of
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8840 Uniform State Laws, Commission on
6440 University of California
0983 Urban Waterfront Area Restoration Financing Authority, California
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8950 Veterans Affairs, Department of
1870 Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, California
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3860 Water Resources, Department of
3640 Wildlife Conservation Board
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