9650 Health & Dental Benefits for Annuitants
Mission Statement

This program provides funding for health and dental benefit services for retired state employees and their dependents.

The program began on January 1, 1962, with an employer contribution of $5.00 per month toward the cost of a basic health plan. Since then, major medical plans, Medicare, and plans supplementing Medicare have been developed. Dental care was added in 1982.

The 2006-07 employer contribution for health premiums maintains the average 100/90 percent contribution formula established in Government Code Section 22871. Under this formula, the state averages the premiums of the four largest health benefit plans in order to calculate the maximum amount the state will contribute toward the retiree's health benefits. The state also contributes 90 percent of this average for the health benefits of each of the retiree's dependents. The retiree is responsible for paying all health benefit plan costs that exceed the average of the four largest benefit plans. The 2006-07 monthly contribution maximums are $439 for a single enrollee, $823 for an enrollee and one dependent, and $1,042 for an enrollee and two or more dependents. Dental care premiums vary by plan and number of dependents.