6870 Board of Governors of Community Colleges
Major Program Changes
  • A $109.1 million increase (2-percent) for enrollment growth for Apportionments. This funding will enable CCC to enroll an additional 23,000 full time equivalent (FTE) students. This level exceeds the 1.65-percent change in the adult population, equally weighted between the 19 to 24 and the 25 to 65 age groups, the new statutory index factors relevant in 2007-08 pursuant to Chapter 631, Statutes of 2006.

  • A $224.9 million increase for cost-of-living (4.04-percent COLA) for general-purpose Apportionments.

  • A $19.6 million increase for categorical program enrollment growth and COLA (2-percent and 4.04-percent, respectively). These programs provide essential services to special populations and include Basic Skills, Matriculation, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Campus Childcare Tax Bailout, and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services.

  • A $33.1 million redirection of surplus Basic Skills overcap incentive funding to support additional Matriculation and support services for community college students. Of this amount, $19.1 million is specifically dedicated to additional counseling and tutoring services for those students most at risk of failing to complete a meaningful education program (See Initiatives section of the Budget Summary for additional detail).

  • A $9 million one-time current year funding increase and a $9 million ongoing increase to support additional nursing program capacity in community colleges. These funds are available in the community colleges base from set asides from the Budget Act of 2006 and are proposed to assist colleges in expanding enrollments, by providing start up funding for new nursing programs, funding new clinical simulation laboratories, expanding services that will reduce attrition, and funding incentives to add additional prerequisite science courses. (See Initiatives section of the Budget Summary for additional detail).

  • A $33.2 million increase to offset the remaining fee revenue reduction incurred by colleges in the budget year due to the reduction in student fees from $26 per unit to $20 per unit in the Spring of 2007 and other workload adjustments.

  • A $197.2 million reduction to Apportionments to reflect estimated growth in local property taxes of an identical amount.