6110 Department of Education
Major Program Changes
  • The Budget proposes to shift the fund source for the $627 million Home-to-School Transportation program from Proposition 98 General Fund to the Public Transportation Account (PTA). This shifts Home-to-School transportation out of the Proposition 98 guarantee, allowing for the guarantee to be rebenched downward for General Fund savings of $627 million. Because available PTA funds are used in lieu of Proposition 98 funds to fund Home-to-School Transportation, this proposal does not result in a reduction to Home-to-School Transportation nor any other Proposition 98-funded program.

  • The Budget proposes to increase Proposition 98 funding for CalWORKs Child Care by $268.9 million. By using available Proposition 98 funds in lieu of federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant funds for Child Care, this proposal allows a like amount of TANF funding to be redirected to offset non-Proposition 98 General Fund costs in the CalWORKs program. This proposal does not require a reduction to the CalWORKs program nor reduce child care benefits.

  • The Budget proposes a $1.9 billion increase to fund a 4.04 percent statutory cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), including: $1.4 billion for revenue limits, $133 million for special education, $62.1 million for child care programs, $49.6 million for class size reduction, and $277.9 million for various categorical programs.