6350 School Facilities Aid Program
Mission Statement

The School Facilities Aid Program provides financing to local educational agencies for K-12 school facility-related activities such as school construction, modernization, and emergency repairs.

The Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998, Chapter 407 of the Statutes of 1998 (SB 50), created the School Facility Program (SFP) to streamline school construction funding. Proposition 1D, approved in November 2006, provided State General Obligation Bonds of $5.2 billion to local educational agencies for new construction and modernization projects. Further, Proposition 1D provided $2.1 billion for Charter Schools, Career Technical Education Facilities, Overcrowding Relief, High Performance Incentive Grants, and Joint-Use projects. The SFP also contains provisions for Critically Overcrowded Schools and Seismic Mitigation.

As a part of the Williams vs. State of California settlement, Chapter 899, Statutes of 2004 (SB 6) the state established the Emergency Repair Program (ERP), and committed to providing $800 milllion for the purpose of addressing emergency facilities needs at school sites in deciles 1 through 3 based on the 2006 Academic Performance Index. To date, the state has provided $800 million to the ERP, of which over $796 million has already been released to school districts.