3930 Department of Pesticide Regulation
Program Descriptions


The Pesticide Program protects California residents and the environment from adverse pesticide impacts with particular emphasis on the protection of children, vulnerable populations, and communities. Specific activities include:

  • Scientific evaluation of whether to register pesticide products for sale or use in California.
  • Assessing human health and environmental (air, water quality, and wildlife) risks from pesticides.
  • Examination, licensing, and certification of individuals and businesses that recommend, perform, or supervise pest control.
  • Collecting pesticide use data and evaluating use trends.
  • Monitoring pesticide residues in fresh produce, air, and water, as well as occupational settings.
  • Protecting surface and groundwater from pesticide movement through evaluation, prevention, and mitigation.
  • Protecting non-target wildlife from pesticide risks.
  • Reevaluating and mitigating human health and environmental hazards from pesticides.
  • Overseeing local enforcement of pesticide laws and regulations by County Agricultural Commissioners.
  • Ensuring pesticide products sold in the marketplace are registered and meet state health, environmental, and safety standards, and that sellers comply with mill assessment responsibilities.
  • Promoting the development and adoption of reduced risk pest management practices through outreach, incentives, and grants.