5225 Corrections and Rehabilitation
Program Descriptions


The primary objective of Parole Operations - Adult Supervision program is to improve public safety by increasing the rate and degree of successful reintegration and release to society of offenders paroled from state prison. The program is responsible for providing direct supervision, surveillance, and necessary apprehension of the state's parolee population. The main components of supervision include Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring and general caseload supervision utilizing the California Parole Supervision and Reintegration Model which incorporates evidence-based practices into the Division of Adult Parole Operations' supervision strategies to elicit long-term behavioral change to reduce recidivism.

Standard and specialized caseloads and the degree of supervision are determined by case factors related to the offender's propensity for violence, past criminal history, and current service needs. Based on case assessments, parolees may be placed in a higher supervision category intended to prevent, detect, or interrupt behavior likely to endanger the community. Case supervision, reassessment, and reclassification, based on parolee behavior and stability in the community are regularly scheduled.

The other integral program component is the Parole Planning and Placement Program which identifies parolee needs and matches them with state and local programs to ensure a successful transition into local communities.