8380 Department of Personnel Administration
Mission Statement

The Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) is the Governor's chief personnel policy advisor. The DPA represents the Governor as the "employer" in all matters concerning state employer-employee relations. The DPA is responsible for all issues related to salaries, benefits, and position classification. For rank and file employees, these matters are determined through the collective bargaining process and for excluded employees, through a meet and confer process. Specifically DPA:

  • Represents the Governor in negotiations with the employee labor organizations regarding terms and conditions of employment.
  • Sets the terms and conditions of employment for employees excluded from collective bargaining (managers, supervisors, and confidential employees).
  • Manages salaries, benefits, classifications, and administers all aspects of the terms and conditions of employment for state employees except for merit-related matters (merit-related matters are those involving hiring, promoting, and disciplining state employees).
  • Administers the tax-deferred savings program for state employees.