3760 State Coastal Conservancy
Program Descriptions


The Coastal Resource Development Program:
  • Preserves coastal agricultural land.
  • Assists in the design or redesign of subdivisions and waterfronts to encourage appropriate public/private development and use.
  • Protects and provides public access ways to the coastal and bay-shore lands with high scenic, recreational or habitat value.
  • Acquires important coastal resource lands for eventual conveyance to public agencies or qualified nonprofit organizations.
  • Enhances the capacity and performance of government programs to meet the goals of the California Ocean Protection Act (COPA).
  • Improves the understanding of ocean and coastal ecosystems.
  • Promotes ocean and coastal awareness and stewardship.


The Coastal Resource Enhancement Program creates and restores fish and wildlife habitats, including enhancement of watersheds, wetlands, ocean resources, and riparian corridors. The program provides technical assistance and mediation to resolve land use conflicts in a manner that preserves, restores or establishes wildlife habitats. The program also provides funding for planning and implementing resource restoration and enhancement projects, including projects to improve ocean and coastal water quality, improve the quantity and quality of ocean and coastal habitat in California, and increase healthy ocean and coastal wildlife populations and communities in California. The program also provides funds for the design and construction of nature centers.