State and Consumer Services

The State and Consumer Services Agency's (SCSA) mission is to help educate consumers and make government more efficient, effective, and accountable for all California taxpayers. SCSA entities are responsible for civil rights enforcement, consumer protection, and the licensing of 2.4 million Californians in more than 255 different professions. SCSA entities provide oversight and guidance for the procurement of more than $9 billion worth of goods and services; management and development of state real estate; operation and oversight of two state employee pension funds; collection of state taxes; hiring of state employees; provision of information technology services; adoption of state building standards; and administration of two state museums. In addition, the Secretary for the State and Consumer Services Agency is the Chair of the California Building Standards Commission and the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, and operates the California Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection.

The proposed budget was constructed first by computing the workload budget funding level. From the workload budget, adjustments are made to reflect specific policy adjustments and reductions, including budget-balancing reductions. With these adjustments, the Governor's Budget proposes $26.7 billion ($613.2 million General Fund) and 16,719.8 positions for the various entities within the SCSA. This represents an increase of $1.8 billion ($11.3 million General Fund) from the revised 2007-08 and an increase of 500.8 positions. This reflects an increase of 7.1 percent over the revised 2007-08 Budget. Change Table SCS-01 illustrates the major changes proposed to the SCSA in the Governor's Budget.

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 Proposed Workload Budget
 Proposed Budget-Balancing Reductions
 Program Enhancements and Other Budget Adjustments

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