Revenue Estimates
General Fund Revenue

General Fund revenues and transfers represent 79 percent of total revenues reported in the Governor's Budget. The remaining 21 percent are special fund revenues dedicated to specific programs.

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  Personal Income Tax
  Sales and Use Tax
  Corporation Tax
  Insurance Tax
  Alcoholic Beverage Taxes
  Cigarette Tax
  Property Taxes
  Estate/Inheritance/Gift Taxes
  Other Revenues
 Special Fund Revenue

Budget Summary - Revenue Estimates (pdf * - 540K) -
Provides this entire Revenue Estimates Chapter in pdf format.

SCHEDULE 2 - Summary of State Tax Collections (pdf * - 113K) -
State Tax Collections per capita and per $100 of personal income.

SCHEDULE 3 - Comparative Yield of State Taxes (pdf * - 116K) -
Revenues for Major State Taxes from 1970-71 through 2008-09.

SCHEDULE 8 - Comparative Statement of Revenues (pdf * - 18K) -
Detail of General and special fund revenues by source for the past, current, and budget years within the following categories: (1) major taxes and licenses, (2) minor revenues, and (3) transfers and loans.